Lebor Gabala’s 2020 autumn/winter collection is a tribute to ethnicities and their textile traditions within the production of winter clothing and blankets made with ancestral traditions. The collection will be represented with jacquard in geometric shapes which were a fundamental piece amongst some communities.

Also, in the jacquard technique, the collection will feature a two-color floral print for ponchos and coats giving the pieces a casual touch. Following Lebor Gabala’s signature style, knitwear will be central: cashmere, baby wool, alpaca and silk will be the protagonists in all their versions.

A soft colour palette predominates where ecru and off-white stand out. Khaki greens, navy, brown and charcoal will complete a range of winter colours.

The latest fashion trend will be introduced through camouflage print, decontextualized from a masculine air, and through the thick gauges of the oversize cable sweaters that will be essential in this new season.