The relationship with nature in the work of Lulu Figueroa is something with which we feel very identified. Always present in our collections, with wild flower prints or representing the hibiscus flower in knitted sweaters. As is the sea and the sunsets. His series of flowers seems wonderful to us and we wanted to know a little more about his creative process. So we suggest this space to chat, reflecting on her relationship with [...]

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  Sharing the experiences and reflections of women who inspire us and who, in addition, wear our clothes, motivates us doubly. We started the #leborgabalabrightwomen series of interviews with the Retiro collection in Antibes SS21 and we are very excited to inaugurate this new Harris Tweed Club FW21 season with the actress, director and screenwriter, Antonia San Juan. “Because one is more authentic when it most resembles what she has dreamed of herself”, is one [...]

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The fashion show of the Harris Tweed Club FW21 / 22 collection took place in the attic of the modernist building of Casa Milà, also known as La Pedrera, as part of the 27th edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion. The space stands out for its uniqueness and is part of one of Gaudí's most emblematic works. Harris tweed takes its name from the Isle of Harris, in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, where the islanders [...]

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  We have known Helena Rohner for a long time and have enormous respect for her work. We share the excitement of creation with calm and care, with enthusiasm for the process and we are very excited that it is part of our monthly interview series #leborgabalabrightwomen. We chatted with her about her passion for materials, how she understands the relationship with the artisans who participate directly in the development of her designs, her new [...]

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  We were fascinated by the work of Mercedes Bellido when we saw her acrylic painting of Caleta de Famara, in Lanzarote, one of our favorite places in the world. That magic that life sometimes has, that connects us with people who, at some point and apparently by chance, were struck by the same thing that we did. Whoever follows our brand knows the special relationship we have with the sea and nature, elements that [...]

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    Patricia Sañes has become one of the most influential fashion prescribers in our country. With an eclectic style, she opts for combinations of colors and prints that do not go unnoticed. She represents our trendiest #leborgabalabrightwomen of the SS21 season. She started as a fashion journalist more than ten years ago and inspires us with her perseverance and intuition to adapt to the inevitable changes in the sector, from the crisis of print [...]

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    Welcome to #leborgabalabrightwomen, a new series of interviews where every month we will introduce you to a woman who inspires us. We started with great enthusiasm by interviewing Natalia Lopez, founder of Vajillas de Ultramar, a craft atelier in which she creates unique pieces with her partner. We talk about her career and what she feels when she wears a Lebor Gabala garment. You started out as a dancer, what was it that [...]

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For seven years we have participated in the 080 Barcelona Fashion catwalk presenting our collections with enthusiasm. Due to the strange times we are living in, we have not been able to present the SS21 collection as before. We do not want to miss the opportunity to explain to you what has inspired us to create this summer's collection, Retreat in Antibes SS21, through this post. Behind each collection there is a story, a place, [...]

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Studio corners

We invite you to travel through this pictures of our studio that represents our inspiration and our universe. The sea, the Japanese prints, the flowers, the Italian threads, the NY of the nineties, Paris Fashion Week and, of course, Ibiza. ✈️❤️. A souvenir from a trip to Brazil. 🇧🇷🐬. Maite fell in love with this figure of a dolphin in Bahia. She brought it under her arm and now it has a prominent place in [...]

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5 tips to preserve wool sweaters.

The drop in temperatures is a reality and you want to wear the wool sweaters stored in the closet again. The care of these garments has its process if we want to avoid the appearance of those balls that we are so lazy to eliminate and as a specialist brand in working with noble materials, we reveal 5 essential tips to extend the life of these pieces.   Hand wash in cold water, with the [...]

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