The drop in temperatures is a reality and you want to wear the wool sweaters stored in the closet again. The care of these garments has its process if we want to avoid the appearance of those balls that we are so lazy to eliminate and as a specialist brand in working with noble materials, we reveal 5 essential tips to extend the life of these pieces.


  1. Hand wash in cold water, with the garment inside out and dry horizontally on a towel.
  2. Do not use wool with acrylic garments on top, coats and synthetic linings that when rubbing deteriorate the point.
  3. Be careful with the interior labels of any piece that is put on top of the knitted garment and can scratch and deteriorate it.
  4. Do not wear the garment two days in a row, it is good to let it rest.
  5. Store folded items in a cool, dry place.