We invite you to travel through this pictures of our studio that represents our inspiration and our universe. The sea, the Japanese prints, the flowers, the Italian threads, the NY of the nineties, Paris Fashion Week and, of course, Ibiza. ✈️❤️.

A souvenir from a trip to Brazil. 🇧🇷🐬.

Maite fell in love with this figure of a dolphin in Bahia. She brought it under her arm and now it has a prominent place in the office. It is made of epoxy resin, a material used to make surfboards, a sport that is also part of the Lebor Gabala universe. Everything related to the sea inspires us and it is present in all our collections 🏄🏿‍♀️🌊.


We find inspiration in many books of Japanese prints and they have a starring role on our shelves, along with the classic motifs with a vintage air, the large flowers and pictures of the most popular landscapes of the country 💐💐💐.

Moodboard of ideas, quotes, textures and feelings that embrace our values and visual universe. The sea, the main inspiration for all our collections 🌊🌺🐚. –

Poesía en A mayor
Jorge Eduardo Eielson

estupendo Amor Amar el mAr
y vivir sólo de Amor
y mAr
y mirAr siempre el mAr
con Amor
mAgnifico morir
Al pie del mAr de Amor
Al pie del mAr de Amor morir
pero mirAndo siempre el mAr
con Amor
como si morir
fuerA sólo no mirAr
el mAr
o dejAr de Amar