In the last collection we launched at 080 Barcelona Fashion for SS20 we wanted to pay tribute to the sea this is why it has a special meaning to us. The sea is the source of inspiration for all of our collections. The sound of the sea is essential in our lives. Sea gives us the peace we need to cutoff from the daily routine. The new SS20 collection had to wear its name.

With this wonderful jewel of nature as a soundtrack, we transport ourselves back to the seventies. A revolutionary time period in fashion with which we feel connected to. We get carried away by hippie’s and bohemian’s style, combining them with our color palette and retro prints and paterns. Through this connection, we could be dancing at a summer festival, preferably by the sea.

Without ever losing our essence, knitwear is very present and the sobriety of maritime’s wilderness is easily recognisable.



As in all of our collections, we give great importance to footwear. On this occasion, we have gone for traditional venetian slippers full of history: The Furlane. Born of the friulana’s peasant culture at the end of the Second World War, they have been passed down from generation to generation due to their cosiness and simplicity. It’s made from recycled materials, we use old bike’s tyres to make the sole.We also use useless remnants for the interior linings, each piece is exclusive and unique.



As for the make-up and hair during the runaway, we have gone for a look fresh and simple. The tanned skin and hair mimics the wave’s effects in an informal way and with a summerly light spirit.





Realización de vídeo: Julia Membrive
Fotografías backstage: Leo Vlásov