Patricia Sañes has become one of the most influential fashion prescribers in our country. With an eclectic style, she opts for combinations of colors and prints that do not go unnoticed. She represents our trendiest #leborgabalabrightwomen of the SS21 season.

She started as a fashion journalist more than ten years ago and inspires us with her perseverance and intuition to adapt to the inevitable changes in the sector, from the crisis of print magazines, the rise of online, to the present day with the consolidation of Instagram.

We chatted with Patricia about her beginnings in Telva magazine, about the creation of her digital magazine Coolhunter Diary, about contemporary art and much more.

You studied journalism and Telva magazine was your first professional experience, since then, was it clear to you that you wanted to dedicate yourself to the fashion sector?

Yes, I decide that this was my world when I was studying at the University of Navarra, where I attended their first fashion seminars.

After Telva, you worked in Vogue, L’Oreal and Grazia España. How do you remember that time? What lessons do you take with you?

During the time I lived in Madrid, I did an internship at Vogue and a stage at L’Oréal of which I have great memories. I was lucky to have an outstanding boss and some colleagues who, ten years later, are still there. It was a very intense stage of work that I remember with adrenaline and nostalgia. It was then that I understood that this profession is learned by working and that to be a good professional you have to be a good person.

I lived the period as a correspondent for Grazia Spain in Barcelona with great responsibility and enthusiasm. I had to deal with the loneliness of being self-employed, but I also enjoyed the freedom and flexibility of working on your own.

With a consolidated career after experience in the most important fashion publications, how did you experience the transition from paper to digital publishing?

I dreamed of working in a traditional fashion headboard my whole life when I started my blog in 2010. At that time, I did not know that I was taking my first steps in my virtual career. Little by little I was adapting the content of my blog to what the market demanded and with the closure of Grazia Spain and the boom of Instagram I decided to dedicate myself fully to my digital identity.

In 2010 you created the Coolhunter Diary blog and you were one of the first disseminators of a personal space. At first you only published photographs with proposals for looks, what opportunity did you see at that time?

I opened the blog with the sole intention of writing when, how and about what I wanted. A little later, some followers started asking me to post photos of my looks and that’s when I decided to focus my content on fashion.

The Coolhunter Diary blog evolved into a digital magazine in which you showed your vision of fashion and trends through different content, how did the idea come about?

Instagram squandered the original meaning of fashion blogs, so I decided to transform it into a digital magazine that would provide the consumer with that journalistic bonus, those texts that are meaningless on Instagram as it is a purely visual platform.



There came a time when you stopped being Coolhunter Diary and started to address yourself with your name, Patricia Sañes, on your social networks, what motivated this change?

I did it when stopped being a personal blog to become a fashion and art magazine. It no longer made sense to call me the same as a magazine in which I am not the protagonist.

Currently your main channel is Instagram, how is your daily routine on your profile?

In my profession there is no routine, nor disconnection. I should never lower my guard, everything around me can be a source of inspiration to generate quality content. My day to day happens between emails, shootings, recordings, meetings and a lot of interaction with my community.

In some of the images in your posts, we see corners of your home where contemporary art predominates. What are your favorite artists and what is your most precious piece?

I stay with Riera i Aragó, Manolo Valdés and Edgar Plans. Right now, my most precious piece is a painting of the latter.



If you could choose, what piece of art would you like to have?

Right now, I have between my eyebrows a photograph by Andrea Torres.

Where does your love for fashion and art come from?

I have liked fashion since I can remember and my father instilled in me a love of art. I remember when she was a child and I accompanied him to visit the galleries in the center of Barcelona.

After more than ten years in the sector, how has your relationship with fashion evolved?

I understand fashion as a language of expression, so my relationship with it has evolved with me. I have been a slave to trends and I think that over time I have gained some judgment. Now I know myself better and I know how to translate my personality into what I wear with greater success.

You have followed our brand for several seasons, how do our garments make you feel?

Cool and very safe. With Lebor Gabala I know that I never fail.

On the cover, Patricia in a suit from our collection “Casual Friday FW19/20”

Patricia Sañes Instagram: @patriciasanes_