We first decided to show our collection at 080 Barcelona Fashion in 2014. The brand had been going for many years and we just knew exactly that it was the right moment to step on the runway.

We have such fond memories of our first runway show. We were incredibly proud and nervous when we presented our collection “La Mujer Habitada” FW 14/15. Since then we have grown so much as a brand and we have learnt so much along the way; especially how to work the complete look, how to pay attention to every detail. Those who know us, know that Lebor Gabala has always worked with knitwear, it’s definitely a staple of the brand. In more recent years we have proceeded to including fabrics and soft tissues into our designs to offer a total look.


evolución 080 - look / colección desde FW14/15 - SS19


For us, every new collection is a beautiful journey. We enjoy the ride, the obstacles and achievements along the way, until we arrive at the day of the runway show. On that day we unite our friends, families and colleagues; it feels like a marriage between the personal and the professional world. Every six months we embark on another journey and reach another finish line, celebrating with a new born collection.

This year at 080 Barcelona Fashion we presented the collection “Casual Friday” FW 19/20 and our efforts were rewarded with the MODACC award for the brand with the biggest international reach. As a brand we believe that taking the local abroad is incredibly important for any growing label and were therefore beyond excited about winning this particular award.


evolución 080 - look / colección desde FW14/15 - SS19)


And now? We are already preparing our itinerary for our next trip Spring – Summer 2020. We are already excited to return to the runway and cannot wait for the next time this immaculately organized event, with its stunning casting and memorable creatives enchants the city. Ready for take-off!