Why #LeborGabalaCreativeProposal have been created?

As we are truly culture lovers; we have created #leborgabalacreativeproposal as a hashtag with the purpose of proposing and sharing cultural activities through our social media channels. The simple fact of visiting a well-known art show or just discovering any other unknown curious art exhibit is a huge and pleasant milestone to be shared with you. Every Thursday from the previous month of March we are proposing and talking about cultural key initiatives that we [...]

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We won the MODACC award at 080 Barcelona Fashion!

We first decided to show our collection at 080 Barcelona Fashion in 2014. The brand had been going for many years and we just knew exactly that it was the right moment to step on the runway. We have such fond memories of our first runway show. We were incredibly proud and nervous when we presented our collection “La Mujer Habitada” FW 14/15. Since then we have grown so much as a brand and we [...]

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Memories, Spring – Summer 2019

The inspiration for a new collection can spring from the smallest stimulus that just sets our creativity aflame. For this year’s Spring-Summer, which in the blink of an eye is already upon us, we revive the 80’s aesthetic without falling victim to vintage. We have also let ourselves be inspired by the lush forests of fairy tales and Takashi Hommas’ dreamy photographs of waves. We allowed ourselves to be whisked away by Richard Anuszkiewicz’ Op [...]

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